Alert! Blue Monday! Take control of your mood using the interior

Are you wondering what Blue Monday really is and when is it?

According to the creator of the term, British psychologist Cliff Arnall, it is the third Monday of January. This year, Blue Monday falls on January 20. It is assumed that it is the most depressing day of the year.

Why? Well, that’s when we start to feel the effects of too many expenses, which we incurred in connection with the organization of holidays and the purchase of gifts. In addition, often just 3 weeks is enough to turn out that all these high-flying New Year’s resolutions ended up just talking about them instead of implementing them. There are also meteorological factors.

And even if the fall in mood in January is just a simple apathy or seasonal depression that has nothing to do with Blue Monday, it is worth ensuring a nice atmosphere at home.

Here are two ways to improve your mood at your own home.


Did you know that the lack of the right amount of light can lower your mood? According to health guidance, seasonal apathy and constant drowsiness are associated with less amount of daylight that reaches our rooms. And if we add Blue Monday to it, then you can be sure of a decrease in a positive mood.

How can you avoid winter depressions and Blue Monday in your home? First, light up your home – the more light, the better. Mount stronger lamps and add decorative lighting. This way you will fool the winter aura and the quickly falling darkness a bit, and you will also create a climate in the apartment.

You should also light a few candles and carry out some interior changes – a desk or armchair placed closer to the window will make you better use natural lighting.

*Play with COLOURS

Against to a decrease in a good mood, textiles also help you. It’s easy! Simply exchange small additions that do a lot in interior design.

Decorative pillows, blankets, rugs, and throws are design elements that you can change every season. If the weather outside is gloomy, add interior design blush with textiles. The already mentioned cushions, throws, rugs and blankets in optimistic colours will make your apartment feel more pleasant.

Take an example from others. Did you know that the inhabitants of Scandinavian countries are regularly at the top of the ranking of the happiest countries in the world? In turn, the Japanese are famous for their long life. Therefore, in the fight against bad mood, it is worth relying on hygge, lags and wabi-sabi.

For a quick reminder, hygge is a Danish philosophy of happiness is nothing more than finding joy in everyday activities. Swedish lagom is a search for moderation and attentive life. In turn, wabi-sabi is to appreciate and accept imperfections. How do you translate this into the language of interior design? In all this, it is simply about creating a cozy, balanced atmosphere and a place to relax in your own home, where coffee and tea will taste the best in the world 🙂

Don’t get in a bad mood and change your interior. Light up the aura around you, adding more light and colourful additions to your interior.